Meet Your Bookkeeper

Hello! My Name is Kandi

Founder of A-OK Bookkeeping Services, LLC

My first job as a payroll clerk for my father’s lumber business in beautiful North Idaho many years ago started me down the path that has culminated into the establishing of A-OK Bookkeeping Services, LLC (2020).  

From those first days learning the ropes of accounting principles, I have enjoyed working as an office manager, customer service extraordinaire, banking (16 years), and leading non-profit organizations.

I believe that a GREAT bookkeeping professional utilizes both software and head-knowledge, cool tools and common sense – all wrapped into one!  And that is what you get at A-OK Bookkeeping Services, LLC.

Who Do We Work With?

Although we likely can contribute Value to many small Businesses - we Specialize in These Businesses


Are you an individual who sets up and runs a business by yourself, without the support of employees or a co-founder.  If you are – you are a Solopreneur!

A-OK Bookkeeping Services, LLC was created for You!  We help you by managing the day-to-day aspects of your bookkeeping so that you can focus on the BIGGER picture – your business!  You can finally quit stressing about the details of the “numbers” and even be able to start paying yourself!

Service-Based Businesses

Does your business provide services to your client?  Are you a chiropractor, a health coach, an event planner, a local moving company, offers instruction or lessons?  If you do – you are a Service-Based Business Owner!

A-OK Bookkeeping Services, LLC is here for You!  We help you by freeing up your TIME so that you can focus on what’s most important – your clients!  We also can help you uncover and understand the financial weak spots in your business so that you can make confident and decisive steps toward increasing your net-worth and your self-worth.

Professional Organizations

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A Consult that Doesn't Cost Anything!

Imagine sitting down with a fellow business person and painting a picture of where you see your business going.  Now imagine that trusted professional sees your vision in math that you didn’t know existed, showing you habits to shift to make the vision a reality – and offering to take the bigger or more tedious items off your plate.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?